National Park Mysteries

There are over 500 million acres of National Park land in the USA alone, covering the full range of climates and landscapes. These wild and untamed regions are a magnet for the adventurous and prospective explorers – but that same remoteness also gives them a mysterious air. Literally thousands of people have disappeared without a trace in America’s national parks since they were founded in 1916. And that’s not counting the bodies that have been found. Many more creepy legends, stories and other unsolved mysteries still abound about these fascinating areas to this day – including these mysterious tales…

Washington Woods Trees

This one happened quite recently, in Olympic National Park, Washington State. On the morning of the 27th of January 2018, over one hundred sturdy old oak trees were snapped, broken and tipped over by an unknown force. We say unknown, because the prime suspect – high winds – was immediately disproven by weather satellites and local inhabitants. University accredited meteorology experts investigated but were baffled by the half mile stretch of forest being ripped apart. Power lines were damaged, and a local seismic station picked up enough shaking to be considered a minor earthquake.

In the end, expert Cliff Mass decided it was probably a ‘rotor circulation’ weather event – whatever that means.

Santa Fe Structures

Since early 2017, someone has been building conical tipi like structures out of dead pine trees in Santa Fe National Forest – and no-one knows why. With some of the structures reaching up to 20 feet high and 20 feet in diameter, constructing them is no small task.

Authorities have stated their will be a $10,000 fine for anyone caught putting them together, as the dead wood poses a high fire risk – especially with the small circle fire pits found inside a few of the structures. Although exactly how the park rangers will go about policing the six and a half thousand square kilometre site, is anyone’s guess. Theories range from pranksters to Satanist cults and bigfoot – but until someone is caught in the act, we might never know.

Pen-y-Ghent Woman

Several thousand miles across the Atlantic, this case proves that mysterious events can happen in the UK’s national parks too. In 2004 a man walking in the Yorkshire Dales, near Pen-Y-Ghent mountain, discovered a corpse floating in a small stream. Police evidence indicated she may have died several weeks prior, but unfortunately no identification of her body was possible.

She was found to be a South Asian genealogy, in her mid-30s and wearing a wedding ring made in Bangkok – but other than that nothing concrete about the woman was ever discovered. Despite extensive investigation involving Asian police forces, Interpol and other global resources, the woman has never been identified and the cause of her death remains a mystery too. She is now known locally as the Lady of the Hills. As of 2018, here case is still open although the police have stated that the circumstances are merely mysterious and not suspicious.