The World’s Greatest National Parks – Part 1

National parks are jewels in the world’s vast landscape, they are special areas designated by their own individual countries to represent the best examples of natural beauty that their countries possess. There are no rules and regulations of what these precious chunks of wonder must contain, that is up to the individual states, but often they represent the culture and the history of a region. They are examples of the natural landscape as it once was, as well as examples of flora and fauna that are typical of the area.

In this blog we take a look at some of the most awesome national parks around the world: from vast open spaces to wondrous mountains. We look at the joy they bring to visitors and the important job they do for the society that inhabit them.

Grand Canyon

One of the planet’s most recognizable national parks, this amazing part of Arizona is a film star and has appeared in more movies than John Wayne. The Grand Canyon is truly massive, firstly it is almost one mile deep and covers just under three hundred miles and in some parts eighteen miles wide.

This gigantic chasm has been changing shape for six million years as the powerful Colorado River has cut through its heart. Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site, it is estimated as many as six million tourists visit the canyon every year. This is true wilderness and should be respected as such. During the trip you can see deer, bighorn, sheep, elk and many other smaller creatures such as snakes, birds and squirrels.

Serengeti National Park

Situated in East Africa, the Serengeti National Park is one of the best places in the world to see big game and wild African animals. The six thousand square miles of Tanzania is home to many species of animals and birds roaming freely in their natural habitat.

It is common to see elephants trampling along to the next water hole and whole trees shaking as they go past. There are unending swathes of long golden grass that stretch as far as the eye can see, where lions prowl to catch their unsuspecting prey.

If you time your visit right, then you may be lucky to see the Great Migration when thousands of animals move across the scorched plains looking for greener pastures and more water, millions of zebras, wildebeest and gazelles shatter the peace as they move over the landscape.


Yellowstone was America’s very first national park and is full of natural beauty and amazing things to see apart from Yogi Bear. Yellowstone has everything you could possibly want from a national park. Its outstanding beauty contains pristine lakes and towering peaks, there are meadows, green forests, geysers and many other geothermal oddities.

Many trekkers spend weeks exploring the three thousand square miles of canyons, mountains, waterfalls and geysers, including Old Faithful. Be warned that most of the wildlife is untamed, so make sure you make enough noise on secluded trails to scare the animals away and warn them you are coming. In part two of the world’s greatest national parks we go to the Great Smoky Mountains and the Great Barrier Reef to uncover some more great natural wonders of the world.