The World’s Greatest National Parks – Part 3

Traveling through the great national parks of the world it is truly amazing to see such grand landscapes untouched by the hands of man. Animals can live as they have always done so long before man disturbed the environment, and flowers and trees are allowed to blossom and grow to form their own natural wilderness. In part three of our epic trek to discover these magical undisturbed places we go the Rocky Mountains, Yosemite and Mount Rainier to find even more delightful places.

Rocky Mountains

To get to the marvelous Rocky Mountain National Park you have to travel to Colorado, and although it is not the largest national park in the world, or even America, there is something quite magical about the place. Rising almost thirteen thousand feet into the massive Colorado sky the magnificent Rocky Mountains tower over everything.

Visitors come to mainly trek among the many trails that wind their way through forests and lakes hoping to see some bighorn or elk. The mountain air among the peaks is invigorating and soon the city smog is purified through the lungs. The vistas from these lofty peaks is quite superb, and it easy just to sit and wonder at god’s creation.


Yosemite National Park is one of California’s most daunting and formidable natural landscapes, there is close to twelve hundred square miles of never ending raw beauty and awe. Craggy cliff faces fight for space with giant ancient Sequoia’s and thundering waterfalls.

Most activity takes place down in Yosemite Valley with its two major tourist attractions El Captain and Half Dome. Walkers and hikers love Yosemite as it is not as challenging as other national parks and even inexperienced trekkers can enjoy its beauty.

Mount Rainier

The Mount Rainier National Park is dominated by the fourteen thousand, five hundred feet active volcano right in its center which of course gave the park its name. Of the entire Cascade Range of mountains, Mount Rainier is the highest and has twenty-five glaciers on its peak.

The contrast between the steaming mountain and the icy cold glaciers is awesome and one of nature’s great phenomenon’s. Mount Rainier last erupted in 1854 so it’s quite safe for the thousands of tourists who scale the glaciers to reach vistas that are stunningly beautiful.

If you are less active as a person then don’t despair, it is possible to drive halfway up the great volcano to a height of six thousand, four hundred feet. From there the views are amazing and you can have a picnic or simply rest a while and enjoy taking life easy. During the winter there are great alpine activities such as skiing, snowboarding and snowshoeing. And this time of year, the park looks completely different with its white winter coat on.

Leaving Mount Rainier National Park far behind, we head to our last and concluding part of our blog on the world’s greatest national parks. Crossing continents and oceans we arrive at the awesome Great Barrier Reef which is the largest coral reef system in the world.