The World’s Greatest National Parks – Part 4

Our epic journey to discover the world’s greatest national parks ends with the Great Barrier Reef, Arches and Zion National Parks. These three diverse and awesome parks reflect the sheer enormity of mother nature and how beautiful she is when left alone and untouched by humans. It is in our national parks that humanity’s legacy lies, they preserve both the natural habitat of the land and its flora and fauna, and also the early ways of life of its people. The national parks of the world are the time capsule of the earth, should any alien wish to know where humanity came from then their studies should start here.

Great Barrier Reef

The Great Barrier Reef is one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the world and is one of the great places everybody should place on their Bucket List. Australia has one of the most diverse landscapes in the world, from searing deserts to lofty mountains and everything in between. And clinging to the east coastline of Queensland is the beautiful and quite awesome Great Barrier Reef. This natural phenomenon clings to Australia from Bundaberg in the south to Cape York in the east which is a distance of just under two thousand miles.

It is estimated that the Great Barrier Reef has six hundred islands, three thousand coral reefs, and over one and a half thousand species of fish that live there. The best way to explore the reef is obviously underwater, so make sure you take your PADI examinations before visiting to get the most out of your trip.

Zion National Park

Leaving Australia far behind we travel to the USA and Utah for our next great national park, which is the Zion National Park. Just a couple of hours drive from Las Vegas will take you to another world, from the glittering neon lights of the big city, to the glittering sparkle of the stars in southwest Utah.

The Virgin River dominates Zion and each bend of its waters brings forth another jaw dropping vista. At certain times of the year the great Zion Canyon is almost a burnt apricot color bringing out a mystical element to its beauty.

Arches National Park

Our exhausting trip to discover the greatest national parks in the world ends on another planet, not literally but metaphorically, as Arches National Park is one of the most unique landscapes on our planet.

In this part of Utah, the terrain is like a set from a Star Wars movie, there are thousands of sandstone arches, bright red rocks and pieces of land that are in the weirdest configurations. Depending where the sun is at any particular part of the day the shadows from these natural formations continually amaze and alter.

The best time of day to see these incredible effects is at dawn or dusk when the sun is just rising or turning in for the night. It is then that Arches National Park is at its best, perhaps some might say eerie, but definitely most unique. This most rewarding journey from North America, to Africa, and eventually to Australia has taken us to the world’s most beautiful and greatest national parks, where the grandeur and frighteningly awesomeness of nature is at its most incredible.