Top National Parks in Africa

Africa has a lot to offer if you are coming there for a visit to see its beautiful nature. From one end to another, countries in Africa have many national parks where you can see the pure wildlife living its daily lives. They are the world’s treasure and it is advised to see at least one national park in your lifetime. Surely, the cost of a visit can scare some away, but it is because the money collected from visitors goes to the great care of animals in the park and safety. Let’s check out a few top national parks in Africa.

Kruger National Park

South Africa is a fine country to visit for sightseeing and for its parks. Their most attractive one is the Kruger National Park. The park has a really large variety of animals to see and experience the wildlife at its best. The list of animals could go on over a dozen pages and it includes the famous Big Five (elephant, buffalo, leopard, lion, rhino), giraffes, gorilla, hippos and a lot more than you could expect. Kruger Park has the option for visitors to drive the car by themselves and plan their own trip around it.

Etosha National Park

The park located in Namibia is home to the tall and big elephants you have never seen before in any other place. The biggest mammals in the world walk freely along the roads and can be a great excitement when approaching them. The national park maintains its good name and is more secure due to keeping endangered species of black rhinos, over three hundred different bird species, a big number of mammals and many kinds of reptiles. There is built a convenient road network for people with their own cars driving around the park, however, before driving into the park, every driver is instructed with rules and laws.

Chobe National Park

Chobe National park is placed in Botswana in Okavango Delta and there exist 4 distinct eco-systems. The one with high concentrations level is called Savuti Marsh and stays all year round in the wildlife of Africa. The park offers a tour in a small boat to see the park’s treasures. In addition, it is pretty hard not to see an elephant in Chobe as it is the place for large groups of elephants to stroll around. The number reaches even over 100,000!

South Luangwa National Park

South Luangwa park in Zambia is a necessity to see and buy a tour there. This national park is thought-out to be a perfect area for walking safaris in Africa. Otherwise, it is the best place to acknowledge the wildlife of lions as it might include sometimes seeing even over thirty lions at once. Since 2005, the area is well protected and is considered a Lion Conservation Unit.  It may not be the largest park, but it has a lot to offer – sixty species of animals and a bunch of hundred species of birds. The river Luangwa runs straight through the middle of the park and it is a home for hippos and crocodiles.